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Fenix Rehab System for Painfreeme.net

Almost everyone has muscles that get stiff and sore; for millions, it becomes a chronic problem that affects their lives and work. Pain research has determined that myofascial trigger points, or “muscle knots”, are key elements in all chronic pain. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that properly applied pressure massage, followed by stretching – as with the FENIX Rehab System – can deactivate these painful trigger points, sometimes giving immediate relief. Studies have also demonstrated that a home program of pressure massage followed by stretching – as with the FENIX – can be as effective as in-office treatment (Physical Therapy, 2000).

Now with the FENIX you can apply pain-relieving trigger point massage in the convenience of your home. The FENIX is as easy to use at it is effective. Place it on a carpeted floor or bed then gently lie down – using a portion of your body weight to apply the therapeutic pressure needed to self-treat your muscle knots and trigger points. Nothing could be simpler; you just rest and relax while pressure massaging your pain away. It’s done in the convenience of your home when you have time available.

The FENIX Rehab System is truly unique. It is a stable treatment platform with 16 interchangeable, soft rubber-tipped therapeutic digits of various lengths and diameters. The FENIX allows you to set treatment digits at various depths and angles to reach pain causing muscle knots anywhere on the body – all while you relax. Included is an easy to follow, 20-page step-by-step Guidebook with photos and a 90-minute instructional DVD.

With other products, individuals must pull with their muscles, possibly causing spasms, fatigue, or even new problems. There is nothing else on the market like the FENIX Rehab System, an innovative product that can truly help the millions suffering with chronic myofascial pain (headaches, neck and back pain).