Fenix Stops Pain!

The Fenix system is a self care system for those troublesome trigger points that was developed by Dr. Greg Fors of the Pain and Brain Healing Center in Blaine, Minnesota. The Fenix will help you conquer your chronic pain and trigger points.



  • Convenient pain relief whether one is at home, in the office or traveling
  • Saves a person significant time and money on in-office treatments for pain
  • A must-have system for anyone with chronic pain, whether it is back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, or fibromyalgia!
  • Requires no pulling or straining to apply treatment. With other self-care trigger point products people have to pull with their muscles, potentially aggravating their muscle and joint pain and/or causing new problems.
  • Other products only compress a trigger point whereas with the design of the FENIX individuals can apply a variety of treatments, some for the sensitive tissues of fibromyalgia (Position Release Technique) and some for chronic back pain (spinal stretching and distraction).
  • With the FENIX products people are in complete control and need only apply enough pressure to deactivate their trigger points, without causing themselves undue pain.


  • Stable platform/base
  • 16 soft-rubber tipped interchangeable therapeutic digits of various sizes
  • 20-page Pictorial Guidebook
  • 90-minute DVD (chaptered by problem area) allows you to quickly learn treatment

Watch the Demonstration Videos!

Trigger Point Therapy Tools & Supplements

Naturally Conquer Your Chronic Pain

With chronic pain, pressure on delicate points in your muscles – referred to as trigger points – can cause pain in the muscle and in seemingly unconnected areas of your body. A lot can be gained by focusing on trigger points as a means to control chronic pain with therapy and massage. The Fenix can help solve these chronic pain issues. The tools and supplements offered by Pain Free Me can give you the means to avoid surgery and address the root cause of your issue. Trigger points can be devastating to your overall wellness. It’s important that you address these issues with proper therapy as soon as you suspect that you’re experiencing chronic pain.

Don’t Leave Your Condition Untreated

Pain Free Me founder Dr. Greg Fors is the inventor of the FENIX Rehab System, a trigger point therapy massage device created to help those suffering from chronic myofascial pain. When an individual suffers from chronic pain, pressure on sensitive spots in the muscles produces pain in the muscle and often all over the body. The discomfort attributed to this condition might get more and more serious if left untreated. The FENIX Rehab System’s distinctive design for exceptional massage therapy gives patients an opportunity to release trigger points anywhere on their body.

Trigger Point Solutions for Better Health

We recognize that you want a better method of dealing with chronic myofascial pain. Here at Pain Free Me you will find a collection of BioSpec Trigger Point Supplements, which contain highly absorbable nutrients that may assist with your pain management. BioSpec nutritional products are the top choice for individuals who are looking to improve their wellness. You can view our products by category, and of course don’t hesitate to contact our company online or by phone if you have any questions or concerns about a product!