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Welcome to Pain Free Me, the official online store of the Minnesota functional medicine clinic, Pain and Brain Healing Center. Founded by Dr. Greg Fors, a Board-certified Neurologist (IBCN) and Chief Science Consultant for BioSpec Nutritionals, the center has helped an untold number of patients throughout the country address their chronic and acute health issues by focusing on the root cause of the dysfunction, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Dr. Fors employs an effective holistic approach that emphasizes the behavior of the patient and its impact on his/her health.

Address Your Chronic Pain

Dr. Fors is the inventor of the FENIX Rehab System – an active trigger point therapy massage tool designed to help individuals suffering from myofascial pain issues. When a person suffers from chronic pain, pressure on delicate spots in the muscles triggers pain in the muscle and often throughout the body. The pain associated with this condition may get increasingly severe if it is left untreated. The FENIX Rehab System’s exclusive design allows patients to release trigger points wherever they choose on the body. It promotes rest and relaxation as the device requires no pulling or straining.

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We understand you are searching for a better way to enhance your body or deal with a health issue. Here you will find an extensive collection of BioSpec health supplements, which contain highly absorbable nutrients that can contribute to your overall wellness. BioSpec nutritional products are the first choice for individuals throughout the world looking to improve their quality of life. You can shop by category according to the health issue you want to address. Of course if you have questions or concerns regarding a product or category, don’t hesitate to contact our staff directly by calling 888-299-6647.