ASTAXANTHIN (60 Softgels)



Astaxanthin (AX) is a reddish carotenoid found naturally in algae, yeast, and aquatic life including salmon, trout, shrimp, and lobster. Owing to its unique molecular structure, astaxanthin exerts stronger biological activity than other dietary and supplemental antioxidants, and thus may offer greater protection against oxidative stress and inflammatory imbalances.*

  • UV-induced Skin Damage: Astaxanthin was shown to improve skin texture and moisture content; reduce oxidative damage and skin deterioration following sun exposure.*
  • Cardiometabolic Health: Clinical research found astaxanthin to improve cardiometabolic dysfunction involving lipid and glucose metabolism through suppression of proinflammatory cytokines IL-1B, IL-6, and TNF-alpha.*
  • Mitochondrial Structure and Function: Growing research suggests that Astaxanthin serves to maintain mitochondrial integrity and improve redox balance, a primary target of anti-aging medicine.*
  • Exercise Performance and Recovery: The use of in vitro and in vivo mouse-models offer strong support for astaxanthin to improve exercise performance and recovery, with growing support in preliminary human research.


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