MAG-OX PLUS (90 Capsules)



Chronic constipation is a common condition characterized predominantly by a difficulty and/or infrequency of bowel movements that typically persists longer than three months. Although multiple factors may contribute to chronic constipation (e.g., diet, fluid intake, genetic susceptibility, socioeconomic factors, exercise and movement activity, hormonal imbalances, & medication use), occurance is far more frequent in older adult populations. Regardless of cause, both chronic and acute constipation are responsible for several unpleasant symptoms, increased toxic burden as waste products are reabsorbed in the colon, reduced quality of life, and an increased likelihood of more serious health conditions. Mag-Ox Plus includes a combination of ingredients with potential to improve specific imbalances that may contribute constipation.*

  • Magnesium oxide has shown to promote bowel transit and elimination through an osmotic effect by which water is pulled into the intestinal lumen, resulting in increased and softer fecal bulk and promotion of peristalsis.*
  • As a potent water-soluble antioxidant, vitamin C can also exert an osmotic effect in the digestive tract, and activity may be enhanced when combined with magnesium oxide.*
  • Cassia seed is a popular remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of ailments.* Among its therapeutic benefits, cassia seed imparts laxative activities by softening and lubricating the stool to promote bowel movments.


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