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Discover a better way to enhance your body and become healthier. Our extensive collection of BioSpec health supplements contains easy-to-absorb nutrients that promote your overall health and wellbeing. If you want to improve your quality of life, choose BioSpec nutritional products and join individuals all over the world who are already benefiting from life-enhancing nutrition. Finding the right nutritional product on our site is simple. Easily search by category or health issue. If you need further advice before you make a purchase, please call us at 888-299-6647.

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Pain Free Me is the official online store of the Pain and Brain Healing Center, a service that helps its patients address their chronic and acute health issues by focusing on the their root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms of the illness. The company was founded by Dr. Greg Fors, the Chief Science Consultant for BioSpec Nutritionals and a Board-certified Neurologist (IBCN) based in Minnesota. Dr. Fors provides an effective holistic approach to patients throughout the country, with an emphasis on behavior and its impact on health.

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When did obtaining high-quality nutritional supplements get so difficult? You should not have to be a health expert to know whether you are receiving what you paid for. You can be confident in Pain Free Me’s collection of BioSpec Products. Too many people spend their hard earned money on supplements containing poor quality ingredients. BioSpec’s natural supplements are created using the finest ingredients on earth in their proper dosages. You will not find any harmful toxins or chemicals in these products. Achieve better health starting today!